...and it shall be given unto you

Three books were reviewed in one continuous article which appears in full below.

The books reviewed were :

  • Dowsing :
    A Path to Enlightenment

    Joey Korn (www.Dowsers.com)
  • Techniques that work for me: A mini-course in management of energy for improving your life
    Raymon Grace (www.RaymonGrace.com)
  • The Future is Yours : Do something about it !
    Raymon Grace (www.RaymonGrace.com)
  ...and it shall be given unto you

What's the link between dowsing, healing, and a forgotten English Magus born in 1900 ?

It is the importance of asking  (not many people know that)

We are so familiar with the dowsing process, we can forget that we are essentially asking to be shown whatever it is we seek.

If we are asking , we are ~ grammatically at least ~ asking someone or something.  The "can I, may I, should I"  mantra also implies someone/thing whose permission is sought.  This raises a bagful of issues which is usually finessed by referring to 'upstairs'.

But this diagnostic request ~ please show me the location of the water, the medical problem, the roman road ~ is not the end of the story.  After diagnosis comes prognosis, and intervention.

If we know what the problem is (or where it is) we sometimes skip the diagnostic phase and move straight to intervention.  But the request for healing ~ the asking ~ is still there.

Some dowsers make requests for healing in conjunction with the use of the pendulum. Certain pendulum movements indicate that healing is taking place, and then a different movement indicates that it is completed (or that enough work has been done for today).

The clearest exposition of this approach is set out in Joey Korn's book, "Dowsing: A Path of Enlightenment".  The book sets out Joey's personal dowsing journey.  The difference between him and most of the rest of us is that Joey put a great deal of effort into his dowsing practice, and then took the trouble to write an extremely valuable guide to dowsing diagnosis and intervention.  I have read the book several times and always take it with me on consultations.  The best book on the subject currently available.

One of the really useful things about Joey's book is that it sets out a way in which requests can be constructed.  All Joey's requests/prayers start off with "If it be They Will...", which immediately squares a number of circles and permissions, and avoids other pitfalls, not least ego inflation.  Five Stars.

Seek, and ye shall find.

Raymon Grace takes this approach even further.  His pamphlet "Techniques that work for me : A mini-course in management of energy for improving your life" is a stripped down version of Joey's approach.  I'm reliably informed that its also worth buying merely for the picture of Raymon in his cowboy hat enabling you to lose yourself in his soulful eyes...

What you get is 30 pages of A4 which ~ if you're in the right space ~ is the best way I can think of spending 9.95.  The notion of asking is central. Raymon takes 13 dowsing situations, and works his extraordinarily simple magic :

  • I simply asked the dowsing system, powers that be (or whatever your prefer) to either have them removed or transformed into something beneficial..."
  • So far it has been a simple matter to remove them just by asking the Spirit Doctors to come and get them..."
  • "...This one is about as simple as it gets..."
  • "...All I do is ask permission..."

If you want more pages for your money than Raymon's "The Future is Yours : Do something about it !", provides stories and background on he the development of his work and techniques.  Raymon sums up the book's approach as follows "...the bottom line is this.  If you can relax your body and mind enough to focus your thoughts, and use vivid visualisation, you can perform miracles."  Easy. Isn't it.  Then why don't you do it ?  Just buy the book and get on with it.

Sometimes Raymon gets really technical.  With some tricky problems, Raymond doesn't always go straight for the solution, but first scrambles the existing situation/frequency, and then fixes the problem.  I hope you're keeping up.

All you've got to do is ask.

Which brings me to the subject of our forgotten English Magus, whose very name encapsulates all  that is written above. His first name s was Arthur, the once and future king.  His surname was a combination of Asking, and knowing the Asking was the the Key, for as John Barth said, the Key to the Treasure is the Treasure.  And after the request was granted he did not forget to give thanks.

Arthur Askey.

Ay-Thang-Yew !



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