Past and Future Lives

Wisdom Journeys through Time

Heather Bray
ISBN 978 ~ 0 ~ 955094 ~ 1 ~ 2

by Ced Jackson


Two years ago Dowsing Today carried a rave review of Heather Bray’s remarkable book on dowsing and healing - Keys to Wisdom - in which she set out a new approach to dowsing, and a new set of pendulum movements. 

The interpretation of these pendulum movements brings Heather information and insight regarding her client’s conditions; and to the clients themselves, healing.

The pendulum movements are interpreted through a ‘wheel’ or chart which Heather has developed.  By developing a new template for pendulum dowsing, she has considerably advanced our capabilities, especially in the field of Dowsing for Health.

In her new book ~ Past and Future Lives, Wisdom Journeys Through Time ~ Heather shows how the approach set out in ‘Keys to Wisdom’ can be applied to a particular field.  That field is sometimes referred to as past life therapy, sometimes regression, and in Heather’s words ‘Past and Future Lives’.

Past Life Therapy is not Spirit Release.  Regression/Past Life therapy is about ourself, earlier (or later) versions of which are manifesting in some way in our current life.  Regression effectively explores these earlier versions of us in a way which helps us to free ourselves from their burden, and provides insight into our current condition.

By contrast, Spirit Release is usually about someone else, now dead, who is (or aspects of which are) manifesting in some way and affecting people currently alive.  That ‘someone else’ has not successfully made the great transition and all or parts of them are stuck (probably in Huddersfield).

As Heather says …

“Past Life therapy …is a wonderful healing tool in aiding the personal evolution and development of the individual, whom, I believe, has a long inheritance of gifts, traumas, and maybe even so called demons which they have inherited from Past Life Situations, of which they are vaguely aware, and which they need ~ in a safe well managed healing situation ~ to revisit and re-member.

But what has all this to do with dowsing ?

“ I have been a dowser for more than thirty years.  My ‘celestial telephone’ is a pendulum which is constantly moving, its chain held very short (two centimetres or so) between the thumb and forefinger of my right hand.  It is passing me information which I believe is coming both from within me and from the realm of Universal Consciousness”

Heather has brought together the dowsing innovations set out in her first book with additional pendulum movements required in a regression setting.  (This is clearly set out in an appendix at the back of the book.)

 “…what is radical and different about my work is that the whole thing is conducted through rapid dowsing…I started to wonder if the shifts from scene to scene (during regression), backwards and forwards through time, could be managed through the pendulum, and whether the guides would show me swings appropriate to the situation, which gradually, as different needs arose, they did.”

Heather therefore uses dowsing to determine ~ amongst other things ~ the exact moment to make a shift from one scene, or point in time (in the regression) to another, in order to gather all possible information before moving on.

A variety of ‘Keys’ are also vital to the work.  These are selected with the client at a pre-regression session, and are physical representations of values and energies, perhaps a crystal ~ or the name of an angel ~ used to bring about clarity.  In the regression itself Heather’s colleague, Hannah, intuits how and where they should be placed on a plain white background, as each move, however subtle, affects the energy of the client or their situation in some way.

Much of the book consists of transcriptions of the regressions and progressions which Heather has facilitated by dowsing.  The final part of the book is a collection of journeys which Hannah has herself made into the future, with the explicit purpose of recovering wisdom for our troubled times.  These journeys are themselves aided throughout by dowsing. The dowsing is not mentioned by name, for it would be tedious to keep repeating, “I then dowsed…”. 

As Heather and Hannah say …

 “It is the intention of the client to heal themselves, and ours to facilitate, which brings about this sacred duty.  Without correct intention, no work can be done.

They add…

“As far as we can understand it, you and I are in a training programme to transform ourselves for the benefit of ourselves and everyone else, while serving in environments that are often very chaotic”.

With all of this in mind ‘Past and Future Lives’ describes a remarkable example of advanced dowsing work in real-time situations to bring about healing.  

By first developing advanced dowsing techniques, and then showing how these techniques can be applied in a specific healing context, Heather has done us all a remarkable service,


Past and Future Lives is £12.99, and available from the BSD