Malvern Dowsers


 Wednesday October 22nd at 7.30pm

Liz O’Sullivan and Kris Lee      

The Weaving Way

          Dowsing Serpent Lines

The St Michael and St Mary lines, discovered by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst in the 1980s, are being found by dowsers to be part of a much larger network of serpentine earth energy lines which cover the landscape.  Liz OSullivan and Kris Lee have spent the last five years following, tracking and mapping the lines. Tonight’s talk will touch on the difference between leys, alignments and energy currents, and show how ancient sites are interconnected with modern day life in surprising ways. Kris and Liz have been working mostly in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire and will show local maps and share their findings on the nature of these lines.

It is 25 years since Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst published ‘The Sun and the Serpent’, the account of their discovery of a pair of dowsable serpentine lines which followed the classic ‘ley’ first suggested by John Michell, which links Avebury, Glastonbury and other traditionally important sites across England.  ‘Serpent’ lines so known for their weaving path across country, each pair meeting and crossing at intervals.

Their investigations into this phenomenon inspired people to visit the sites and follow the Michael and Mary lines in pilgrimage. But maybe it’s not widely realised that Michael and Mary are just part of a huge web of similar long-distance earth energy lines which can be dowsed, although Michael/Mary seem to be consistently the strongest and biggest.

Our journey on the tracks of the serpent lines started with a few sites mentioned in Miller & Broadhurst’s book, in Somerset and in particular at Dorchester on Thames. We found that we could dowse and follow both lines and spent days becoming familiar with the ‘feel’ of them.

Back on home territory, we had been
drawn many times to the tiny church site of Stanford Bishop near Bromyard, which lies in an isolated spot away from the village on a rise.  Asking for a dowsing response to ‘are there earth energy currents here of the nature of Michael and Mary?’ Liz was shown a line which seemed to be making for Malvern, in fact Worcestershire Beacon, whose summit just poked over the horizon. Over several visits we slowly mapped the pattern.


Five years have taken us on a constant trail of exploring and revisiting an area roughly between Bromyard to the west, through the Cotswolds and towards Oxford to the east, reviewing, testing and making discoveries on an almost daily basis. Our work is showing that Michael and Mary are part of a complex network comprising many large energy lines, a web of sensitive meridians in the landscape which subtly interact with us.

Hamish Miller felt that he was gaining information in a ‘drip-feed’ way, and we have the same sense of gradual knowledge and experience of this phenomenon. We try not to have any preconceptions about what we might find, although the serpent lines do have patterns, habits and characteristics that seem to be universal.  HM found that Michael and Mary visited one site after another of historical or spiritual significance but also hidden and forgotten places and distinctive natural features. Our experience shows that most lines behave similarly, some of the sites discovered being quite unexpected. Liz dowses, observes, tracks and maps, and our approach is ‘hands-on’ (or rather feet) as we believe that walking is the way to become familiar with the phenomena and to map accurately. We aim to make as complete a study as possible of the local geography of the lines.

Liz O’Sullivan grew up on Bredon Hill and learned to dowse at the age of 9. She works as an artist, calligrapher and textile restorer.

Kris Lee presents lectures and workshops on a variety of subjects including earth energies, world dance and early-modern history. He helps run Aquarius Severn Astrology Society and is currently studying for an MA at the Shakespeare Institute.