Malvern Energy Medicine Group


The Malvern Energy Medicine Group studies the work of the American healer Donna Eden.  Our next meeting at Friends Meeting House is on Tuesday January 13th at 2.30pm.  (Doors open 2pm. Admission £10 please).

Donna Eden

For the last few months we have been exploring the Radiant Circuits, special meridians really important to our physical and spiritual health. 

On January 13th we are fortunate to be led by Jill Ramsden who will take us through some simple exercises which will get all our Radiant Circuits into tip top form.

 There are various mini-videos about the Radiant Circuits freely available on the web, and one of the easiest to follow is by Prune Harris tracing all of our Radiant Circuits at …

If you would like more information on the Radiant Circuits, or info on how Energy Medicine can help with a particular condition, go to … and enter “Radiant Circuits” (or the name of the condition), in the SEARCH box in the top left hand corner of the page.

There is also some useful information in the book ‘Energy Medicine’.

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