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Lost Science of the Stone Age : Sacred Energy & the I Ching

by Michael Poynder

Green Magic : ISBN 0 9542 9639 7

A couple of years ago whilst visiting Gloucester Cathedral with a local Gatekeeper Group, someone said they felt that old earth energies had been switched off, and needed to be re-activated.

But should we switch this power back on ?  As none of us really has a clue what the ley line system is for ~ if indeed if it is 'for' anything ~ its difficult to say if its loss is a sad thing (and that therefore we should seek to recover it) or if it was the control tool of patriarchal power elite, and that we are much better off without it.

Our usual assumption is that our forebears (mummy, daddy and the two little bears) were in touch with nature big time, and worked with The Force to Live Long and Prosper, as opposed to some kind of David Icke galactic conspiracy of Reptilians from Abroad.

What we do know is that we don't know, but people like Michael Poynder are making a heroic attempt to find out.  The author of 'Pi in the Sky' and 'The Lost Magic of Christianity' has produced a beautifully illustrated book which tackles magnetism (there's a lot of it about), earth energies, the sun and the seasons, and the way in which Christianity ~ knowingly or unknowingly ~ incorporated earth energies into the design of its sacred buildings for good or ill.

On the way there are fascinating explorations into the Mager Disc and The Chinese Book of Changes (the theoretical underpinnings of Acupuncture, Feng Shui and much more).  The exploration is challenging,  and at various point I magisterially part company from the author, but he has laid down some useful imaginings.

The material on the Mager Disc makes me want to read a good translation of this dowser's work.  What is interesting is that Poynder maps the Disc onto his understanding of para-and dia-magnetism (charged and uncharged, for want of better terms), and the Book of Changes.  Suggestions are made for improving the Disc by superimposing circles radiating out from the centre, to increase the amount of information which can be gained.

Similarly, the Book of Changes and its modes of being: active/passive, yin/yang, bright and dark sides of the mountain, are themselves mapped onto other polarities, including different kind of energy lines.  The work and researches of Clive Beadon, John Christian and Geoff Crockford are honoured by the book, and the whole question of the current use and interpretation of the Mager Disc is challenged, generating a flying gauntlet to the BSD which I trust the organisation will grasp.

Michael is voyaging out into the deep, and has some intriguing traveller's tales to tell.  Though the book contains a number of typos and intuitive leaps without sufficient explanatory backup, it is that most rare of artefacts, a book which deepens one's understanding of dowsing without drifting off into vapid generalities.

For example: If banded lines cross, you get a 'chequer board' (that most ancient of symbols, intelligence which I must report back to The Lodge).  Poynder is a dowser actively into serial numbers (i.e. the number of times the pendulum swings back and forth whilst over an object), and the Seriality of objects is something he turns to at several points.  Water, for example, for him is always Serial 2. 

A further abundance of interpretations is generated by combining Seriality and the colours of the Mager Disc.  Not even ancient measurements escape (see the recent review of the 'The Measure of Albion') as "...peridot and gold (sun) give one megalithic yard or 32.64 inches and dowses on white vibrations".

The book goes beyond the usual stuff about Rome taking over existing British places of worship.  There are some very interesting thoughts put forward about the way in which energy lines are incorporated into buildings.  For example, at Ahagower Church in County Mayo, parallel bands of different lines neatly run out of the building through the windows at the end of the church ! And Poynder claims that 'the East Window is always the width of the flow!'

Regarding lines within churches, Poynder is able to drawn on his extensive commercial experience with gemstones, and says that "Quartz placed under an altar blocks magnetic flow.  A Bishop's amethyst ring causes a reverse flood of violet energy (crown chakra) to flow into the   congregation."  It is only recently I discovered that an altar is really a stone.  "When a rock crystal was placed under altar in the actual building process it cut off the west/east flow of the magnetic line at the altar point causing a reversal of the magnetic flow back into the body of the church.  This was an act of deliberate energy manipulation to control and superimpose Christian dogma and structure upon the congregation".

Poynder also emphasis the lack of wisdom in cluttering you house or aura with gemstones, as they will be chattering away to each other on a 24/7 basis.  Similarly "quality granite positioned directly over a source of water will act as a beacon, transmitting an energy line created by the movement of the water".

They say that 50% of the money spent on advertising is wasted, its just that you don't know which 50%.  In a similar way I am sure that vast amounts of this took are totally incorrect, but who's in a position of authority to pronounce which 50% that is.  And anyway, it don't half make you think.



(This review first appeared in Dowsing Today No 288 June 2005.)



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