Dowsing and Healing :

An Overview

At a certain point in their development, healers - like all true professionals - may go beyond the techniques, the tool and the rules and simply heal.

For us lesser mortals - who as yet cannot simply enter a room, point at a sick person and go bzzz1, producing a miraculous cure - I have set out below some thoughts on dowsing and healing, and the models we bring to the party.

The extent to which actual ‘dowsing’ plays a part in what we refer to as dowsing-and-healing can vary enormously. 

What is it - exactly - that we think we are doing ?


Mode 1:

Dowsing to Diagnose

There are many forms of dowsing diagnosis based on
pre-established dowsing charts, check lists and witnesses, and such tools can play a valuable role in identifying what is adrift.  They are all variants on Parsifal’s “What ails thee ?”


Mode 2 :

Dowsing to Intervene/Heal

Some healers heal by dowsing.  There may, or may not, be diagnosis, but that is not the point.  The point is that the dowser heals by dowsing.  ‘Dowsing with Wands’2 shows how the wand/bobber can be used for healing.


Mode 3 :

Dowsing to identify healing pathways

Perhaps the simplest example of this is dowsing to identify the best flower essence ~ or nutritional supplement3 ~ to use in a particular situation.  The dowsing doesn’t do the healing, the flower essences or the supplements do that, but dowsing is used to identify the healing pathway.


Mode 4 :

Dowsing to confirm that healing is taking place

Dowsing can be used to gain feedback that the condition has been healed, or that enough has been done for today. Joey Korn’s prayer/request/pendulum model incorporates such feedback.

Mode 5 :
Dowsing to identify what is inducing illness…

… such as environmental factors (dampness, EMFs), geomantic (detrimental energies) or biological (what is causing the disease).  It differs from Mode 1 which identifies the current condition, Mode 5 identifies what brought that about.  Tough on illness, tough on the causes of illness.


Mode 6 :

Dowsing to intervene/heal factors which induce illness


Mode 7 :

The Radiation Model and the Information Model.

Some dowser-healers use dowsing to locate the part of the body with a problem (or the source of the problem).  This is essentially a ‘radiation’ model, rather like underground water ‘radiating’ something (at the location of the water) which the dowser picks up.  Sometimes dowsers use an ‘information’ model, e.g. dowsing to ask (perhaps against a check-list) what the problem is or which remedy would be best.  Both models are fine, but it is important to be clear which one you are using at any one time, or confusion can result.

Don’t mix those Modes…

… such as mixing the diagnostic stage (if you employ one) and the intervention stage.  If the only tool you have is a hammer, all you will see is nails.


The Battery Model and The Chanelling Model

As healers, we can either draw on our own energies (The Battery Model), or use the Channelling Model (we draw on upstairs for our strength).  The literature is full of warnings against the Battery Model (we might exhaust ourselves), yet even if we go for the Full Brazilian Channelling Model, there is always a bit of us in there.  We cannot escape our thoughts, and even if we have chosen to channel, rather than rely on our limited personal resources, it is still us who have chosen to channel.  It was our choice to do this, and we can’t entirely shuffle off the kudos/blame elsewhere.


The Technical model and the Energetic model

At one end of the healing continuum lies the application of methods, techniques, procedures and processes (such as the use of pre-printed dowsing charts) and at the other end there is communion with guides, angels, fairies, nature spirits and one-day travel cards for shamanic journeys.  Which one are you into ?  Are you mixing the two and scrambling potential success ?


Healing the Environment or Healing the Person

Sometimes the problem originated in the environment, sometimes in the person.  Healing someone with tuberculosis but letting them continue to live in a damp house won’t do the trick.  Give a wastrel a mansion and they’ll mess it up.  Sometimes both the environment and the person are fine, they just aren’t suited to each other.  What are you healing ?  The person ?  The environment ? Or both ?


Bad (evil) dowser, good (successful) healer ?

Is healing-through-dowsing accomplished as a technical process (which a bad person could accomplish if they used the right techniques), or does the dowser have to be good, ‘clear’ (or the extent to which they are clear), right-thinking etc ?  There are analogies with the question in the Catholic Church as to whether a ‘bad’ priest can absolve you of your sins (because the absolution comes from elsewhere), or is it inevitable that the person will get in the way and influence things one way or the other.


Engagement or Arms Length

Some people prefer to use tools or techniques as that distances them somewhat from the illness/stuff. This is the classic position. Others ~ such as Jean Haner and Eric Dowsett4 ~ work more on having an open heart/compassionate presence, take the ‘stuff’ within, and then process it/let it go.  Which Mode you employ has implications for what form of protection you use, if any. (Warning : Dowsing can cause Serious Releases)



Do you ask/dowse/request/pray for a time-frame for the healing to take effect ?  If not, why not ?


Specifying the result, or, leaving it to upstairs

There are considerable advantages in precision (e.g. water dowsers might ask to be shown… ‘a flow of up to 200 gallons an hour of drinkable water less than fifty feet below the surface with no intervening granite…’) , but there are also advantages to leaving it to God to sort out.  What probably isn’t such a good idea is to mix the modes. ‘Please heal little Susan’s back, in the best way you can think of, by Tuesday morning so she can win the gymkhana’.


and to the tune of Oklahoma…

Oh…….The ……

Is your dowsing/healing aiming to gently remove, one by one, the layers of the illness, making for a smooth transition back to health, or are you going in (to the sound of chaps whistling the Dam Busters march) aiming for the jugular and planning to get to the bottom of all this ridiculous business once and for all.  Choose your Mode and stick to it.


We’re all going to die !

This helpful insight, screamed by many a hysterical Hollywood starlet as the bus/plane/train hurtles towards the abyss, has value in that it re-frames the whole question of what healing means.  Nobody lives for ever.  Yet I am equally opposed to the notion of healing as something which just makes our decline more comfortable.  If I am ill, I want to be healed, though as Keynes said, in the long run we’re all dead.


Ced Jackson


  1. “bzzz”  Ancient Sumerian healing chant sung at the Helical Rising of Venus (not really)
  2. Dowsing with Wands. See Book Review in this edition
  3. See John Bradley’s key articles on Dowsing, Health and Nutrition in DT 287 and 289
  4. Jean and Eric are now two separate entities at and respectively
  5. See also Heather Bray’s article in the last edition

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