Malvern Dowsing & Healing Newsletter : Jan 2019
introduction to Map Dowsing



Jan 16th

This year our theme will be ‘Healing the Hills’, and some leading dowsers will give us their insights on the pattern of local energies.

There will be a mixture of speakers and practical sessions, with the programme in place by the end of January. We will also establish a Malvern Dowsers' website.

We anticipate slightly greater expenditure and need to book speakers in advance. We therefore propose to make Malvern Dowsers a subscription membership, which will involve an annual fee with a small contribution to each meeting members attend. 

Non-members are of course still welcome and we hope to encourage a wider audience to our talks. Visitors will pay a slightly higher amount on the night making membership a more attractive option.

Creating a subscription membership will also make planning events and committing to speakers more sustainable. 

What do you think about this ? Do you have any suggestions for speakers ? Please reply to this email, or phone us, or bring it up at our first meeting in 2019 which is on...


Wednesday January 16th at 7.30pm


at Friends Meeting House, Orchard Road, Great Malvern. 
Doors open at 7.00pm for tea and biscuits. Admission is £5.  

The meeting is concerned with ...  


Healing the Hills
Module 1:
Map Dowsing


The evening will provide you with the skills to dowse maps.

In other words, dowse from maps rather than on-site. Besides being a useful skill in itself, Map Dowsing can be the first step in healing the land.

We look forward to seeing you on the 16th.

Best wishes 


Ced Jackson  
Telephone 01684 560265