Malvern Dowsing and Healing News   Nov 2018

The next meeting of Malvern Dowsers is on ...

November 21st
at 7.30pm


at Friends Meeting House, Orchard Road,
Great Malvern. Doors open at 7pm for tea
and biscuits.  Admission is five pounds.

Christopher Strong will talk on...

The Weird & Wonderful
Experiences of a
Sceptical Master Dowser

Christopher Strong is one of the UKs leading dowsers, and he has helped nearly 5,000 people. His book and talks feature descriptions of many of those cases and describes how he and his late wife Veronika built up their dowsing skills while travelling the world and bringing up a family.

If you are looking for a roller-coaster ride through just about every aspect of human endeavour, delivered primarily in the understated words of a master maverick of the dowsing community, then do come along.

This newsletter is produced by Ced Jackson who organises the meetings of Malvern Dowsers. He also undertakes Dowsing and Feng Shui consultations, and has a great interest in the Energy Medicine of Donna Eden.
Tel:     01684 560265